(Exclusively for 1995-99 batch)


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A remarkable event in over 25 years of service in professional education

Mahendra Engineering College has organized an Alumni Meet on 06.09.2020 (Sunday) through Google Meet to reconnect the Alumni with their Alma Mater and walk down the memory lane. This is a special event planned exclusively for the Silver Jubilee batch of 1995-99.

Alumni Meet is a get-together of students of an institution where they graduated. They feel their unforgettable past with nostalgia. The alumni will find an exciting story in each and everything. They will be presented with a vast canvass of emotion-packed events. Some may laugh; some may cry; some may laugh and cry, but everyone will rejoice. Tears bring cheers! The visuals of their professors taking class, flash on their minds. The most embarrassing situations they faced in the past may haunt their minds. The play ground brings back a plethora of sports activities with win and loss moments. The long standing professors become the cynosure of the entire event and what not! They go back with a light as well as a bit of heavy heart, all the while carrying loads memories to cherish for long!