Development Programmes

Mahendra Engineering College in keeping with its policy of providing quality education to the rural population and to provide the best of facilities to its faculty, has evolved a clear cut development programme for its faculty needs under the guidance of the Management. The College has a well defined human resource development policy.

Value Added Learning

The College has entered into MoU with many leading companies to organize value added courses to students, to take up specialized courses, which are currently being used in the industry. These courses are not taught under the regular curricula to the level expected by the industry. These courses are imparted at a concessional rate and the trainers used to wake use of the systems and equipments of the College.

Mahendra Academy for Career Developments

The aim of the Academy is to give chances for the students in getting training and coaching for additional professional courses so that they could be empowered to seek their career in future. The academy wanted to establish a strong center for coaching Civil Service Examinations.
Students from the first year, second year and third year B.E. classes are admitted for coaching for the Civil Services Examinations. But as they have not completed their UG Degree they could not take the examinations. In the second phase the Academy desired to draw students from different parts of the country.

Coaching is arranged from external agencies to enable students to take up GRE and TOEFL examinations which are prerequisties to get admission in American Universities.


Mahendra Engineering College is committed towards social and national responsibilities; bearing this in mind we have raised the NCC Air force wing from 2004-05 onwards. We believe that an individual will possess an adoring personality only by integrating him/her in activities like NCC.

Mahendra Engineering College is equipped with several infrastructuralfacilities for NCC training programme and provides ample opportunities to the cadets by way of conducting firing camps, drill practices, personality development and voluntary service programmes.

The objective and vision of our NCC wing is to create awareness among the student community regarding its importance towards nation building. Besides an NCC cadet is presented with a plethora of job opportunities in reputed government and public sector concerns. We have in mind to train students towards participating in republic day parade and peoples exchange programme. Mahendra NCC wing fine tunes the personality of a person in total and equips him mentally to face various challenges that he may encounter in his life.

Mahendra Engineering College has a YRC unit, functioning in an effective manner.There are more than 100 volunteers in engineering stream, one Programme Officer is appointed for the unit. The Principal, Programme Officer, interested staff members and the student representatives form a committee.

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