Dr. V. Aroulmoji. Ph.D.,D.Sc.,

Director R&D

Dr V. Aroulmoji is an experienced scientist and an able leader with vast experience in the field nuclear magnetic resonance (NMR), infrared (IR) and Raman spectroscopy applied to Chemical, Biological Sciences, Pharmaceutical and Nanotechnology. He received his PhD in Physics from Pondicherry Central University, India and a D.Sc. in Industrial Chemistry from the University of Reims Champagne - Ardennes, France. He worked in many international organizations in France, UK and Italy under various capacities as a Post-Doctoral scientist, research scientist, and facility manager. His scientific research in optical technology was well supported by various reputed organizations in France. In 2004 he was the manager of NMR Facility of Eurand SpA (Aptalis TM), Area Science Park, Trieste, Italy, where he provided support for the development of anticancer polymer-drug conjugates and nanostructure drug carriers. As the Project Coordinator of ARCHES, Italy, where he rendered invaluable service and focused on research in nanotechnology, functional foods and renewable energy. He also served in the capacity of an independent expert of the European Commission, Belgium, for the technical evaluation of project proposals on future and emerging technologies of the photovoltaic sector.  He currently serves as the editor-in-chief of International Journal of Advanced Science and Engineering (IJASE). He is co-authored over 80 peer-reviewed research articles published in national and international scientific journals in the fields of nanotechnology, textile, carbohydrate chemistry, drug discovery, renewable energy and Food Engineering.


V. Hariharan, V. Aroulmoji, K. Prabakaran, B. Gnanavel, M. Parthibavarman, R. Sathyapriya, M. Kanagaraj (2016), Magnetic and Electrochemical Behaviour of Cobalt Doped Tungsten Oxide (WO3) Nanomaterials by Microwave Irradiation Method,
Journal of Alloys and Compounds 689: 41-47 Dec (2016).
Impact Factor: 3.15

T. Mohr, V. Aroulmoji, R. Samson, Ranjitha, R. Rajarajan, P. M. Anbarasan.
 DFT and TD-DFT study on Geometries, Electronic Structures and Electronic Absorption of Some Metal Free Dye Sensitizers for Dye Sensitized Solar Cells.  
Spectrochimica Acta A: Molecular and Bio-molecular Spectroscopy, 135, 1066-1073 (2015).
Impact Factor: 2.353

M. Govarthanan, T. Selvankumar, K. Selvam, C. Sudhakar, V.Aroulmoji, S. Kamalakannan, Response surface methodology based optimization of keratinase production from alkali-treated feather waste and horn waste using Bacillus sp. MG-MASC-BT.
Journal of Industrial and Engineering Chemistry, 27, 25–30 (2015)
Impact Factor: 3.212

V. Aroulmoji, M. Mathlouthi, L. Feruglio, E. Murano & M. Grassi.
Hydration properties and proton exchange in aqueous sugar solutions studied by time domain nuclear magnetic resonance,
Food Chemistry, 132, 1644-1650 (2012).
Impact Factor: 3.391

N. D’Amelio, V. Aroulmoji , A. Toraldo , N. Sundaraganesan & P.M. Anbarasan.
Aggregation properties and structural studies of anticancer drug Irinotecan in DMSO solution based on NMR measurements,
Journal of Molecular Structure, 1013, 26-35 (2012).
Impact Factor: 1.602

R. Chinna Babu, N. Sundraganesan, S. Sudha, V. Aroulmoji & E. Murano.
Molecular structure and vibrational spectra of Irinotecan: A density functional theoretical study.  
Spectrochimica Acta A: Molecular and Bio-molecular Spectroscopy, 98, 1-6 (2012).
Impact Factor: 2.353

R. Marega,  M. Bergamin,  V. Aroulmoji,  F. Dinon,  M. Prato &  E.Murano. 
Hyaluronan–Carbon Nanotube Derivatives: Synthesis, Conjugation with Model Drugs, and DOSY NMR Characterization,
European J. of Organic Chemistry, 28, 5617- 5625 (2011).
Impact Factor: 3.065

R. Marega, V. Aroulmoji, M. Bergamin, L. Feruglio, F. Dinon, E. Murano & M. Prato,
Two-dimensional diffusion-ordered NMR spectroscopy as a tool for monitoring functionalized carbon nanotube purification and composition,
American Chemical Society – NANO, 4(4), 2051-2058 (2010).
Impact Factor: 12.881

R. Marega, V. Aroulmoji, F. Dinon, L. Vaccari, S. Giordani,  E. Murano & M.Prato,
Diffusion-ordered NMR spectroscopy in the structural characterization of functionalized carbon nanotubes,
Journal of American Chemical Society, 131, 9086-9093 (2009).
Impact Factor: 12.12

S. Norbedo, F. Dinon, M. Bergamin, S. Bosi, V. Aroulmoji, R. Khan & E. Murano,
Synthesis of 6-amino-6-deoxyhyaluronan as an intermediate for conjugation with carboxylate-containing compounds: application to hyaluronan-camptothecin conjugates. 
Carbohydrate Research, 344, 98-104 (2009).
Impact Factor:2.135

V. Aroulmoji, V. Aguié-Béghin,  M. Mathlouthi, & R. Douillard,
Effect of sucrose on the properties of caffeine adsorption layers at the air/solution interface.  
Journal of Colloid and Interface Science, 276, 269-276 (2004).

Impact Factor: 3.368

V. Aroulmoji, F. Hutteau, M. Mathlouthi & D.N. Rutledge, 
Hydration properties and the role of water in taste modalities of sucrose, caffeine, and sucrose-caffeine mixtures,
Journal of Agriculture & Food Chemistry (ACS), 49, 4039-4045 (2001).

Impact Factor: 2.912

V. Aroulmoji, M. Mathlouthi & G.G.Birch,
Hydration properties of Na, K, Mg gluconates and gluconate/sucrose mixtures and their possible taste effect,
Food chemistry, 70, 471-482 (2000).
Impact Factor: 3.391

M. Mejri, A. BenSouissi, V. Aroulmoji & B. Rogé,
Hydration and self-association of caffeine molecules in aqueous solution: Comparative effects of sucrose and β-cyclodextrin,
Spectrochimica Acta A: Molecular and Bio-molecular Spectroscopy, 73(1), July 6-10 (2009).
Impact Factor: 2.353

V. Larue, J. Benarous, , F. Acher,  V. Arulmozhi,  N. Todeschi, R. Azerad & J.P. Girault, 
Solution conformation of alpha, beta or gamma-methylglutamyl-containing derivatives as probes of vitamin K-dependent carboxylase using molecular modelling and nuclear magnetic resonance,
International Journal of Biological Macro Molecules, 20, 131-159 (1997)

Impact Factor: 2.858

N. Todeschi, J. Benarous,V. Arulmozhi, F. Acher, R. Azerad & J.P. Girault,
Conformational Study in Water by NMR and Molecular Modeling of α-Methyl-α-Amino Acid: Differential Conformational Properties of α-Cyclic and α-Methylglutamic Acid
Journal of Chemical Information and Computer Sciences (ACS), 37, 372-385 (1997)
Impact Factor: 3.738

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