Mahendra Research Foundation

Exploring new frontiers of science through pathbreaking research


Mahendra Research Foundation

Mahendra Research Foundation (MRF) was established under the aegis of Mahendra Educational Trust with an ambition of cultivating a strong and conducive environment for independent Research and Development.

Mahendra Group of Institutions envision establishing itself as a hub of Inquiry, Research, and Development. In a step towards realizing this vision, Mahendra Research Foundation established Centers of Excellence to attract the brightest minds and hone their curiosity towards path-breaking research.

Faculty members are encouraged by MRF to attend seminars, workshops, and conferences at all levels to remain on par with the prevailing research standards. Additionally, the institution also offers incentives to its staff to conduct research and publish papers in reputed journals.

Mahendra Research Foundation also encourages faculty and students to present ideas for innovative projects to various agencies that offer funding and grants, as an additional step towards motivating indigenous research and development.

When it comes to the students, the institution strives to keep them abreast with the latest research status through seminars and workshops delivered by eminent subject matter experts. Mahendra Research Foundation has carried its own research into various fields and has even submitted proposals requesting funding to many reputed organizations. As a result, MRF has been invited to participate in scientific activities in India and abroad.