Fully equipped facilities with certified coaches

The Department of Physical Education was established in order to enable students to participate in sporting activities. Mahendra Institutions firmly believe that sports play a major role in the all-round development of students.

Sports at Mahendra Institutions
Mahendra Basketball Tournament

Outdoor sports

The playground measures about 2.2 lakh sq. feet and accommodates two outdoor basketball courts, three volleyball courts, two badminton courts, two football fields, three cricket fields and four kho-kho courts. Furthermore, there is also a 400-meter running track. Students are selected for outdoor and indoor sports based on their experience at the school level.

Indoor facilities

The indoor sporting facilities include carom, chess, table tennis, badminton, basketball, and volleyball. The stadium can accommodate an audience of 2500. It is fitted with sports-grade lighting and wooden flooring to be used for badminton, basketball, and volleyball.

Chess Tournaments at Mahendra Institutions
Mahendra College Badminton Facility

A well-equipped gym enables athletes as well as non-competing students to concentrate on their physical fitness. Physical trainers are available to guide students to use the facilities in a safe and informed manner. Students representing the college at sporting events receive specialized physical training to prepare them for tournaments.

The department is managed by Mr. S. Kumar and Mr. M. Narasimman, who act as Physical Director and Assistant Physical Director respectively. Both hold Post Graduate Degrees in Physical Education. Additionally, The Department of Physical Education also consists of an experienced female Physical Director who is responsible for female students.