Modern accommodation with 24/7 security and hygienic food.

All colleges under Mahendra Institutions include hostels to accommodate students from across the nation. The hostels accommodate more than 2000 students in spacious rooms furnished with a cupboard, table, chair, and cot for each student.

Hostels for women and men are housed in separate buildings. The rooms are divided on the basis of single, double, and triple beds, as well as dormitory-style housing to cater to students’ needs from all backgrounds. The hostels are all equipped with dining halls, reading rooms, in addition to infirmaries.

The hostels are equipped with centralized kitchens with modern cooking equipment to cater to the vast demand for daily meals. To make living comfortable for students from across the country, dishes are served from South Indian, North Indian, Chinese cuisines.

Exceptional care is taken to ensure that all ingredients, cooking facilities and
dining halls are kept clean and hygienic.