Director - R&D.

Director of R&D Dr. V. Aroulmoji

Dr. V. Aroulmoji

Director – R&D.

Dr. V. Aroulmoji serves as the Director of Research & Development in the Mahendra Educational Institutions. He is an experienced researcher whose field of interest is in Bio-Physics, Chemical Physics, Computational and Engineering Physics, and Physical Chemistry. Dr. Aroulmoji possesses in-depth knowledge accumulated through years of research in a diverse array of fields that include Chemical and Biological Sciences, Renewable Energy, Pharmaceutical Science, and Nanotechnology.

He earned Doctoral Degree in Physics from the Pondicherry Central University and Doctor of Science Degree from the University of Reims Champagne-Ardennes, France. He served as a Post-Doctoral Scientist, Senior Research Scientist, Consultant and Facility Manager in various reputed institutions in France, the UK, and Italy. He also held the prestigious position of Facility Manager, NMR Facility of Eurand SpA (Aptalis TM), Area Science Park, Italy. Further, his immense contribution led to the development of anticancer polymer-drug conjugates and nanostructure drug carriers.

As the Project Coordinator of ARCHES in Italy, Dr. Aroulmoji’s research related to nanotechnology, functional foods, and renewable energy proved invaluable. He was also appointed independent expert of the European Commission for the technical evaluation of emerging technologies in the photovoltaic sector.

Dr. Aroulmoji served as the Vice-President of Protos Research Institute, Italy, a non-profit self-funded research organization for more than six years and actively involved in European Projects FP5, FP6, FP7, FVG regional and European Space Agency projects.

Dr. Aroulmoji currently serves as the Director of Research and Development and as the Editor-in-Chief of the International Journal of Advanced Science and Engineering (IJASE). He co-authored over 140 peer-reviewed research articles published in many National and International scientific journals. He has been awarded Junior Research Fellowship and Senior Research Fellowship from the Government of India and a Post-Doctoral Fellowship from France.  He is the recipient of the “Gerald Blunden Award” sponsored by the journal, Natural Product Communications, SAGE Publications.