Dr. Mahendra Gowda.R.V

Mahendra Engineering College.

Mahendra Gowda R. V. earned his M.Tech degree in Textile Engineering with a prestigious GATE scholarship. Later on, he was awarded Ph. D. for his research on “Friction in Materials” from the hallowed Indian Institute of Technology, Delhi in 2001.

His career spans more than two decades during which he has been an industrial researcher, in addition to holding faculty and administrative positions in numerous academic institutions. Additionally, he has more than 12 years of experience serving as the principal in various reputed colleges.

Prof. Gowda has successfully completed multiple kinds of research and funded projects worth more than Rs. 6, 000, 000.

Prof. Gowda guided successfully two research scholars and continues guiding research scholars. In addition to that, he published 28 research papers in eminent journals and 24 papers in prestigious conferences. He authored two books, contributed two book chapters and has 168 Google Scholar citations of his publications.

His research interests include Friction in Materials, innovation in engineering education, use of TQM tools to improve the quality in engineering education, frames of mind, education 4.0, etc. He is a lifetime member of ISTE and other professional societies, and a reviewer for various online journals, namely IJFTR, JIT, RJTA, and TRJ.

He is the recipient of the prestigious Rashtriya Vidya Sarawati Puraskar and the Rajiv Gandhi Excellence awards. He has a passion for training faculty members and motivating students to excel in academics and careers. He has been serving as the principal of Mahendra Engineering College since 2019.

Dr Nagarajan Malmurugan

Mahendra College of Engineering

Dr. Nagarajan Malmurugan has an illustrious career spanning 32 years which includes roles of engineering faculty and principal in various reputed engineering institutions. He earned his B.E. degree in Electronics & Communication Engineering from the Madurai Kamaraj University and M.Tech. Degree in the same from Pondicherry University.

Dr. Malmurugan was awarded Ph.D. for his research work on Image Processing from the PSG College of Technology, Coimbatore. He published more than 160 papers in reputed national and international journals, as well as conferences. He organized several conferences, workshops, seminars, and faculty development programs.

Dr. Malmurugan delivered special lectures in various programs sponsored by the AICTE, UGC, IEEE ISTE, ICMR, CSIR, DRDO, and ICTACT. He is a recognized Research Supervisor at Anna University for doctoral candidates and has successfully guided 12 doctoral students, with seven additional students pursuing their Ph.D. under his guideship.

He is the recipient of Innovative Technological Research and Dedicated Professor awards from Engineers Today publication (Malaysia). He was awarded the “Best Contribution Award” by the Society of Simulation and Modeling. He travelled widely across the world on various educational projects.


Dr. Malmurugan is a Fellow of IETE, The Institution of Engineers (India) and ACS, besides being a  Senior Member of IEEE, Life Member of ISTE, Life Member of CSI, and a Life Member of Society of Digital Information Wireless Communication (SDIWC). 

He is an Academic Advisor at the Advisory Board of National Cyber Safety and Security Standards (NCSSS) and a mentor in The Atal Innovation Mission (AIM), an initiative of NITI Aayog. 

He was made an Approved Speaker of IEEE National Distinguished Lecturer Program (NDLP) and held positions such as Chairman, Vice-Chairman & a member of the Executive Committee at IEEE & IETE Conferences. He is a recognized reviewer of reputed journals like IEEE, IET, Springer, and an Editorial Board member of the ICTACT Journal on Image and Video Processing. 

He is presently acting as a member of the Board of Research and the Board of Studies in many Universities and Colleges.

DR. T. Elango

Mahendra Institute of Technology

Dr.T.Elango earned his Master’s Degree in Design and Production of Thermal Power Equipment from the prestigious National Institute of Technology and PhD in Automobile Technology from Bharathidasan University.

He has been a faculty member in many reputed engineering colleges for over 30 years and possesses vast administrative experience. Dr. Elango published 20 research papers in eminent national and international journals and conferences of global significance. 

He made a remarkable contribution to Internal Combustion Engines, Biodiesel Combustion & Emissions and Tribological studies on Diesel Engines.

He is a reviewer of two international journals, namely, Environmental Technology and Journal of Engineering Science and Technology. Moreover, Dr. Elango extended guidance for more than 50 student projects for students pursuing Bachelor’s Degrees and Master’s Degrees.

He was also the mentor for the project titled “Performance Optimization of a Single Cylinder Diesel Engine Fueled by Biodiesel”, which was funded by the Department of Science and Technology of the Ministry of Science and Technology of the Government of India.

He delivered a special address in more than 50 Faculty Development Programmes, besides attending numerous programmes. He delivered a guest lecture and expert talk in many workshops at the national level. Further, Dr. Elango organized important international conferences and played a vital role in obtaining NBA, NAAC and the international ABET-USA accreditations.

He is a lifetime member of the ISTE and Institution of Engineers and has been the principal of Mahendra Institute of Technology since 2017.

Dr. M.Senthil kumar

Mahendra Institute of Engineering & Technology

Dr. M. Senthil Kumar has a Master’s Degree in Mechanical Engineering and earned a PhD in Metallurgical and Material Engineering from the prestigious National Institute of Technology, Trichy. He possesses vast experience and a deep passion in the field of education.

He held faculty positions in many eminent engineering colleges and has been the principal for over 8 years.

Dr. Senthil Kumar published more than 30 research papers in leading national and international journals. He is presently successfully guiding 3 doctoral students. His work was instrumental in achieving NBA and NAAC certifications for institutions. 

Dr. Kumar was consulted by the Government of Tamil Nadu for capacity building and modernization of agricultural plants and machinery. 

Furthermore, he worked with many organizations like THADCO, TNWDC and SEDS in conducting vocational training and skill development programs for the rural community.

Additionally, Dr. Kumar is highly experienced in organizing national and international level conferences, seminars and Faculty Development Programs with a keen eye on bringing about excellence in the teaching quality. He is a member of numerous bodies like ISTE, IEI and CCI. His passion and dedication have positively impacted technical education and entrepreneurship.

Dr.S. Arjunan

Mahendra Arts & Science College.

Dr. S. Arjunan earned his Doctorate in Microbiology from the Bharathiar University and served as a faculty member and Head of Department of Microbiology and Biotechnology in eminent institutions over two decades.

He is specialized in Medical Microbiology and Molecular Biology. Capitalising on his vast experience, he guided 10 doctoral students. Dr. Arjunan has published 15 papers in reputed international journals and serves as the Chairman of the Board of Studies and an Editorial Member for several journals.

Dr. Arjunan was the Organizing Secretary and a coordinator for many seminars, conferences and workshops involving industry experts. He made vital contribution to Bioinformatics Software Package and Macro Molecular Deciphering. He currently serves as the principal of Mahendra Arts and Science College.


Mahendra Polytechnic College.

Prof. P. Ganapathi holds two Master’s Degrees, one in Manufacturing Engineering and the other, MBA in Production Management and Business Administration. With a vast experience of over 23 years in the educational field, Prof. Ganapathi occupied the positions of a teacher, Head of Department, Vice-Principal and Principal.

He leads by example and is a passionate academician. As the principal of Mahendra Polytechnic College, Prof. Ganapathi places quality education as the central priority of his leadership. He constantly evaluates instructional practices and analyzes data to monitor day-to-day activities.

His planning and management of the curriculum, guidance, and a keen attention to detail have resulted in a continuing culture of excellence at Mahendra Polytechnic College.

Mr. Sampath kumar Natarajan

Senior Principal,
Mahendra Schools &

Director Admin.
Mahendra Arts & Science College.

Sampath Kumar Natarajan holds a Master’s Degree in English, Public Administration and Education. In a career spanning 30 years, his experience includes being a teacher, principal of a Senior Secondary School, senior principal and Director Administration of Arts & Science College.

He served in senior positions at 5 reputed institutions in South India. Mr. Sampath Kumar currently serves as the Director-Administrator of Mahendra Arts and Science College, besides being the senior principal of Mahendra schools. His vast experience gave him an edge in excellent people skills and a natural flair for teaching.

Sampath Kumar Natarajan routinely delivers motivational speeches and encourages students to dream big and realize their goals. His motivational speeches on various platforms made incredible changes in many students’ life. He left an indelible mark on hundreds of students.

Mr. G.Ananth

Mahendra Matriculation Higher Secondary School, kalippatti.

G. Ananth holds a Master’s Degree in Biology and taught biology for over 10 years in various schools in Tamil Nadu and Bhutan. Subsequently, he went on to work as a coordinator and then as the principal of Mahendra Matriculation Higher Secondary School.

His leadership has always been centered around continuing excellence, a culture that has resulted in a number of high ranking students passing out of Mahendra Matriculation Higher Secondary School. His leadership produced the State First Mark in the General Machinist group (600/600).

Additionally, Mr. Ananth’s principalship has also produced a State second, State Third and a Regional First Rank. For his stint in Bhutan, he is the recipient of Royal Bhutan’s Best Teacher Award.

Mr. Stalin Packianathan

Mahendra Matriculation Higher Secondary School,

Stalin Packiananthan began his career as the Director of the JPS Remedial Teaching center to help children with special learning requirements. He earned an M.Ed degree and taught English in Mahendra Matric Higher Secondary School, Kumaramangalam.

Prior to that, he worked at Mother Teresa Illam as coordinator. When Mr. Packiananthan took charge as principal of Mahendra Matric Higher Secondary School, the student body consisted of 350 students. Under his leadership, it grew to over 1000.

Stalin Packiananthan is the recipient of numerous awards that include the “Best Principal Award” from the Shakespeare Institute of English, and the “Kamarajar Award for Best School Principal”.

Mrs. Moumitha R.M

Mahendra International School,

Mrs. Moumitha R. M. has a Master’s Degree in Economics, English and Commerce, and has been the principle of Mahendra International School since April 2013. Under her leadership, Mahendra International School was awarded the “Best School Award” in March 2017 for attaining 100% result in CBSE examinations.

She has twenty four years of teaching and administrative experience and possesses particular expertise in Research Oriented Teacher Training and 21st Century Classroom Management. Mrs. Moumitha has attended as well as conducted numerous capacity building programs and her achievements have earned her the prestigious Dronacharya & GuruGaurav Award from Kalabharathi.

Her continuing dedication to excellence earned her a Certificate of Appreciation from the Tamil Nadu Hindi Prachar Sabha as well as the “Ideal Principal Award” from the All India Citizens Development Centre.